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CO2 Sensor SpecificationsUpdated 2 years ago

Sensing range

0 - 10,000 PPM


± 60 PPM @ 1000 PPM

Detection technique

Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) detector measures optical absorption of CO2 in NIR spectrum

Operating temperature range

Accuracy is valid for 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); ± 2.5 PPM / °C stability

Ambient response time

Approximately 5 minutes; response time may vary. Airflow around sensor affects response time. Exposure to very high CO2 concentrations > 3,000 PPM may increase response time.

Recommended sensing interval

Once every 5 - 15 minutes for most CO2 enrichment applications


Calibration is recommended once per year. Dropping or impacting sensor may affect accuracy, and calibration is recommended after subjecting sensor to impact. To calibrate sensor, move sensor outside for 15 minutes and hold down calibration button for 5 seconds.

Breathing from nearby people and animals will significantly affect readings. Press the blue flag button to insert a data flag in the timeline when working around sensors - data flags can later be commented on to maintain integrity of datasets.

Do not breathe near sensor while adjusting device to outdoor ambient levels during outdoor calibration. Hold breath when approaching sensor to hold down button for 5 seconds.

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