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General use: Buttons & LED (CO2)Updated 2 years ago

Data Flag


Press the data flag button to manually send a datapoint and insert a flag in the timeline.

Airflow around sensor affects response time. Exposure to very high CO2 concentrations > 3,000 PPM may increase response time.

Breathing from nearby people and animals will significantly affect readings. Use "Data Flag" to annotate distrubances when employees are working near sensors. These flags can later be commented on to maintain integrity of data sets.



Place sensor outdoors for 15 minutes and press calibration button for 5 seconds to initiate outdoor calibration; once initiated, calibration takes approximately 6 minutes to complete.

Do not breathe near sensor before or during calibration. Sensor may require calibration after being subject to drops and impact.

Calibration is recommended once per year but not required after shipping sensor.

LED Indicator

Solid red LED - upon battery install: Sensor is not bonded to an Access Point

Blinking blue LED - upon battery install: Sensor is currently bonded to an Access Point and is attempting to connect

Green LED - Successful connection or successful data flag

Yellow LED - Sensor could not connect to an Access point

White LED - Sensor received invitation and is bonding to Access Point

Violet LED - Sensor has entered calibration cycle. Light will turn off when complete - do not breathe near sensor

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