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Quick Start Guide (CO2)

Get Connected (CO2)

Step 1 Make sure your Access Point is powered on and connected. If you have not set up your Access Point, follow the instructions to add the Access Point to your account. Step 2 Pull battery tab to power on sensor. Sensors ship with single use Ener

General use: Buttons & LED (CO2)

Data Flag Press the data flag button to manually send a datapoint and insert a flag in the timeline. Airflow around sensor affects response time. Exposure to very high CO2 concentrations > 3,000 PPM may increase response time. Breathing from nearby

Sensor coverage and quantity (CO2)

Sensor Coverage Coverage suggestions assume air mixing at point of supplementation (fans, air handlers, etc). Placing sensors near people, animals, or point sources of CO2 enrichment will cause higher than ambientreadings. High aspect ratio cultivat

Safety Precautions (CO2)

Life Safety The GrowFlux CO2 Sensor is not intended for life safety applications! The GrowFlux CO2 Sensor is not suitable to comply with local safety regulations or to monitor personal exposure. Exposure to carbon dioxide rich environments can cause