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Safety Precautions (CO2)Updated 2 years ago

Life Safety

The GrowFlux CO2 Sensor is not intended for life safety applications! The GrowFlux CO2 Sensor is not suitable to comply with local safety regulations or to monitor personal exposure.

Exposure to carbon dioxide rich environments can cause death. Purchaser is responsible for implementing safety equipment, including but not limited to carbon dioxide alarms, shut off valves, personal monitors, and/or monitoring and safety equipment required per local regulations. The purchaser shall indemnify GrowFlux from all claims arising from any product use not covered by the parameters of this product data sheet or not approved by GrowFlux.


High vibration and continuous vibration may affect accuracy of sensor. Do not mount on vibrating equipment.

Shock and impact

Drops and impact may cause minor mis-alignment within sensitive optical detectors. Sensor may require outdoor calibration after being subject to drops and impact. Outdoor calibration is recommended but not required after shipping sensor.

Ingress protection & water

Sensor is designed for use in wet environments, including humid environments and light splashing. The stainless steel screen on sensor covers a hydrophobic fabric to protect sensing elements from light splashing. The sensor shall not be subject to water sprays of any pressure level. Do not submerge sensor in liquid. Water ingress due to excessive liquid exposure may void warranty. Clean sensor only with a damp cloth.

Chemical exposure

Exposing sensor to chemicals, such as organic solvents, alcohol, fuel, bleach, ammonia, alkaline agents, silanes, ozone, and the like will damage sensing elements and hydrophobic properties of the protective fabric.

Sunlight & light exposure

As with all humidity sensors, high intensity light may interfere with the accuracy of humidity measurements. The GrowFlux CO2 sensor is designed to shield sensing elements from high intensity light, however GrowFlux recommends placing sensor in shade for optimal humidity sensor accuracy.

Sensors placed in direct sunlight or under high intensity artificial light, including LED light, will exhibit heat gain and affect temperature readings. GrowFlux advises placing the sensor away from direct exposure to sunlight and high intensity lights if accurate temperature readings are necessary.


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