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Get Connected (CO2)Updated 2 years ago

Step 1


Make sure your Access Point is powered on and connected.

If you have not set up your Access Point, follow the instructions to add the Access Point to your account.

Step 2


Pull battery tab to power on sensor.

Sensors ship with single use Energizer® Ultimate Lithium ™ L91 batteries for 1+ year battery life (depending on sensor settings). Sensor will also function with alkaline batteries with reduced battery life.

Step 3

Access the GrowFlux Control Panel at or download the GrowFlux app for iOS or Android.

Tap the GFX_App_Invite_New_Device.jpg in the menu bar to send an invitation to the sensor. Select the sensor you would like to add to your account. It may take up to 30 seconds for each sensor to respond to the invitation and appear in the invite list.

Step 4

Place sensor within cultivation area among the plant canopy. Be aware that CO2 rich air sinks, so multiple sensors may be required for vertical cultivation, multi tier cultivation, and low airflow situations.

Sensors ship with a 1” x 2” Dual Lock™ adhesive fastener by 3M™ to facilitate mounting on most surfaces. Ensure mounting surfaces are free of dirt and oil before installing adhesive fastener.

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