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Ingress protection, care & ambient conditionsUpdated 2 years ago

The GrowFlux Access Point is a cost effective device designed for indoor environments and does not offer protection from water exposure.

For best results, operate the device indoors, outside of direct sunlight, and in a dry environment.

Clean the Access Point with a damp cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents to clean the Access Point.

A waterproof IP66 version of the Access Point is available from GrowFlux.

The Access Point should be operated in indoor environments within a temperature range of 0-131°F
(0-55°C) and within 0-90% relative humidity.

Operation of the device outside of these conditions may result in degraded performance.

Avoid placing the device in direct sunlight, as this may cause unnecessary heating of the device and degraded performance.

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