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Device Overview

How the Access Point Works

The GrowFlux Access Point is an always-on wireless device that serves as the foundation for your on-site GrowFlux Mesh, a high reliability wireless mesh for lighting controls, sensing, and other devices. The Access Point functions as a bridge betwee

Placement tips for optimal wireless connectivity

The Access Point offers the most robust wireless connectivity to devices that are within a line of sight, and is generally capable of connecting to devices up to 500 feet away, depending on the device. If possible, place the Access Point in a positio

Network Requirements

The GrowFlux Access Point requires an Ethernet connection to the Internet, and typically does not require any special network configuration or firewall settings. The Ethernet interface on the Access Point requires at minimum a 10Base-T port. The Acce

Wall mounting the Access Point

Install two (2) screws 3” apart (76.2mm) to mount the Access Point to a surface. Avoid mounting the Access Point to metal surfaces. The screw slots on the back of the device fit commonly available #5 and #6 countersunk wood screws with a head diamete

Reset to factory settings

To unpair the Access Point from your account and return the device to factory settings, disconnect power from the device by unplugging the USB C connector and wait at least 30 seconds. Insert a paperclip into the hole adjacent to the USB C power inpu

Ingress protection, care & ambient conditions

The GrowFlux Access Point is a cost effective device designed for indoor environments and does not offer protection from water exposure. For best results, operate the device indoors, outside of direct sunlight, and in a dry environment. Clean the Acc